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News release of Valery Babanovs press conference
The Unclimbed North Face of the peak Meru in Garhwal Himalayas

People obey decrees of nature
Even when they try to trespass them.

Valery Babanov
Meru, route

World-famous Russian climber Valery Babanov has returned from Himalayas after his solo first-climb of `Sharksfin of the North Face of Meru-The-Central peak.

On the 7th of June Valery Babanov will hold a press conference in Moscow devoted to his first-ascent by the wall of still unclimbed Meru-The-Central peak (6500 m).
First time in history Russian climber, master of sports, Valery Babanov dared to attempt climbing of this eldritch and arduous summit in Meru massif of Garhwal Himalayas. Ace master of solo ascensions did his best to prepare for this assault of one of the few virgin peaks of the region. Best climbing equipment was completed with modern hi-tech means of communications, so that it was possible to send all information to Russia in on-line mode. A satellite phone and a hand-hold computer enabled Valery to publish news on five Russian sites, which are:,,,,

It should also be said that presence of Russian and American climbers at this mountain at the same period made it possible to compare methods and styles of both schools of climbing, emphasizing features and advantages of each of them as well as distinctions between them.

Valery Babanov has been executing solo ascents by extremely hard routes since 1993. Solo ascents of this kind require pinpoint accuracy in climbing and a great deal of personality. Last summer Valery executed sensational solo first ascent of the North Wall of Khantega peak (6799m, Himalayas). For the 20 years of his climbing career, he has ascended more than 200 routes (all seasons) and more than 60 of them are extremely difficult. Nowadays Valery Babanov is one of the best climbers both of Russia and of the world.

Press conference is going to take place at 13.00 on 17 June in business-center:
Prospect Mira, 72 (st. Rijskaya).
Accreditation: Natalia Efimova, tel. (+7095) 2326702.

Press conference includes:
Presentation of the project by Valery Babanov
Slide-show devoted to Himalayas expeditions
Cold table.

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