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Expedition members:

Guennady Kirievsky (Magnitogorsk) - the leader

Alexey Bolotov (Yekaterinburg) - the coach

Yuri Yermachek (Yekaterinburg)

Sergey Borisov (Yekaterinburg)


Valeri Ragosin (Magnitogorsk)

Vladimir Povolotsky (Yekaterinburg)

Expedition and ascent schedule:
April,11-12 - BC
April, 15 -
Camp I - 7000 .
Camp II - 7600 .
Camp III - 7800 .
Camp IV - 8200 .
May, 25-30 -summit (8848 .)

Route: North Ridge/North East Ridge






Expedition sponsor: Magnitogorsk metallurgic concern
Information sponsor: Mountain.Ru

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Expeditions news:

(23.05.2002) new!
The latest information. Guennady Kirievsky called. The expedition is finished
Yesterday, May, 21, the team leader Kirievsky Guenna called Magnitogorsk city and reported that the expedition was successfully finished. He thanked all the sponsors for the support. All the team members descended to ABC, tomorrow they are planning to reach BC, where they will stay two days. Somewhere round Thirsday Denisov Sasha, the cameraman from Magnitogorsk, will join them - so, it looks like they will pose in front of the professional cameraman with the conquered mountain in the background and will go home. They have tickets for June, 6, but of course they will try to leave earlier provided there no Nepal strikes.

May, 18, Alexey Bolotov called. The guys have been to the top
Alexei and Sergei Borisov were on the top of Everest May, 16. Alexei Bolotov, as it has been planned before, reached the Summit without oxygen. Today, May, 18, they descended to ABC. Today, May, 18.05.2002, Kirievsky, Ragosin, Ermachek, Pavolotsky reached the summit of Everest. They descended to 8300m and will spend a night here. Everyone is in good health and high spirits.

The latest information. Guennady Kirievsky called
Guennady Kirievsky called Magnitogorsk city. He reports that everyone is in high spirits and full of enthusiasm, the whole team left for the ascent. He didn't say anything about the destroyed camp - so they must have restored everything.

Details of the events of the previous days.
Before leaving for the ascent, May, 11, Alexey Bolotov sent the following letter, which arrived only yesterday: " Hello! I got a chance to send mail. Me and Borisov climbed to ABC today. We planned to go up the day after tomorrow and organize camp III (8300m). But sherpas told us that the wind broke our tent in camp II, and we don't know in what condition it is now. We kept there all our sleeping bags, almost all our oxygen bottles, gas and foodstuffs, and the tent for camp III. So we will have get there and to find out what is left and what is gone.

Expedition news:
May, 11 Borisov and Bolotov began the ascent. The rest will start May, 13.

May, 7, Alexey Bolotov made a call and reported the following:
"May, 4, from the third attempt we managed to organize camp III at 7800m. Two previous attempts failed because of the hurricane winds. May, 7, the whole team descended to take a long rest in ABC. They plan to spend here about 5 days.
Everyone is in good health. To everybody's surprise, Dima Pavlenko (the member of Makalu 1997 expedition) arrived at BC. He will probably join the team and take part in the ascent."

Alexey Bolotov reports over the phone:
Here is the expedition news:
13.04 - the whole group left for ABC;
14.04 - everybody reached ABC;
15.04 - setting the camp;
16.04 - Bolotov-Borisov left for camp I;
17.04 - Bolotov-Borisov went down to fetch the loads and returned to camp I;
17.04 - the rest members of the team - Kirievsky, Ragozin, Yermachek, Povolotsky reached camp I;
18.04 - prepared 400 meters of the route;
19.04 - everybody is going down to BC to get some rest.
We got the oxygen. Everything is OK.

Alexey Bolotov reports over the phone:
"April, 10, our expedition reached BC. April, 13, we are leaving for ABC with yak caravan. Everybody is O. K. Unfortunately we still haven't been brought the oxygen."

The team before leaving
Katmandu for Tibet
Photo Ivan Kravchenko

Ural-Everest 2002 expedition team left for Tibet
April, 6 Ural-Everest 2002 team left Katmandu for Tibet. Alexey Bolotov reports: "We are taking the only road via Zangma (it is on the Nepal/Tibet border). Usually it takes 5 days to get to BC - it is done for acclimatization - but if everyone from our team will be OK, we'll try to get there quicker. We've bought all foodstuffs and necessary equipment. We failed to get our oxygen bottles, it is in Katmandu already, but they won't give it to us. It is because of martial law. They promised to send it later with Slava Skripko's team - it will be 5 more days."

Alexey Bolotov reports from Katmandu:
Alexey Bolotov: "We are OK. We have safely got to Katmandu from Yekaterinburg via Tashkent and Delhi. We met the team from St.Petersburg on their way to Lhotse and the team from Kazakhstan on their way to Kangchenjunga. Everything is quiet in Katmandu, but there are many military posts. We are leaving for Tibet April, 6, and now we are buying foodstuffs and equipment."

Ural-Everest 2002 expedition team is leaving from Yekaterinburg tomorrow
Tomorrow, April, 1, Ural-Everest 2002 expedition team is taking Uzbek Airline flight "Yekaterinburg - Tashkent - Delhi - Katmandu". The aim of this expedition is to clim the world'' highest peak on the classic route from the North.

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